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Gospel of a large-scale small-scale ore milling production line, 3-meter-high small ball mill


With the rapid development in the industrial field, the demand for mining machinery and equipment, such as ball mills, dedicated to ore grinding and processing continues to soar. The specifications and types of ball mills on the market are abundant and diverse. Shanghai Joyal Mining Machinery is a professional ore here. Mill processing machinery and equipment manufacturers, here and everyone to talk about the ore mill processing line in the ore grinding process is very convenient for a small 3-meter ball mill, this milling equipment, what are the differences?

Joyal’s 3-m small ball mill not only has a very beautiful appearance, but also has a reasonable internal structure design. It has a smaller footprint, a smaller volume, and a lighter weight than the same type of equipment, feeding section, discharge section Good adaptability between the rotating part and adaptability. It can be operated efficiently in any environment and is not affected by the material characteristics. It is suitable for the processing of more than 100 kinds of materials. It can be said to be used for the grinding of small ores. Processing equipment is a very important processing industry.

We should not underestimate this 3-meter-high ball mill. Although it is different from the average ball mill, it has many advantages and good performance. It does not lose the expensive ball mill processing equipment. This ball mill The volume inside the body is relatively large, the bearing capacity is strong, the amount of material handled in a unit of time is large, the grinding ability is strong, and the grinding efficiency is more than three times that of the ordinary ball mill.

The power consumption of the 3-meter-high ball mill is also relatively small. The design of this ball mill’s motor unit is very advanced and reasonable, combining the energy-saving and energy-saving design concept, reducing energy consumption and power consumption by more than 30%. The total operating cost is also greatly reduced; the discharge port and the feed port are sealed reasonably, and the high-end dust control device is equipped, which is very environmentally friendly and clean.

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