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Four aspects that cause the temperature in the Raymond mill to be too high


When users use the Raymond mill, they all want to make the Raymond mill run well. When there is a problem with the Raymond mill during use, don’t panic, we can make corresponding adjustments according to the actual situation.
The high temperature in the Raymond mill is mainly caused by four reasons:
1. The temperature in the Raymond mill chamber is too high, mainly because a lot of friction and pressure are required to grind the materials in the grinding process, so how to reduce the friction is the top priority. Regularly adding high-performance lubricating oil to components such as bearings and grinding rollers can not only solve the problem of friction and heating, but also increase the flexibility of each component and improve the production capacity of Raymond Mills.
2. Pay attention to the ventilation problem. The external air can be removed at the dust removal position, so that the external air flow and the air flow in the cabin have convection, so as to gradually reduce the temperature in the mill room. If necessary, a high-power exhaust fan can be installed to cool the room.
3. The high wind pressure causes the fan to heat up, which makes the fan temperature too high. During the operation of the Raymond mill, unintentional touch may cause the wind pressure of the fan to change and cause the motor to heat up. When the fan temperature is too high, it will seriously affect the normal operation of the Raymond mill. Therefore, when using the Raymond mill, it is necessary to avoid such situations.
4. The reasons for the equipment itself, such as the quality of the equipment is not good enough, which requires users to carefully select large-brand, high-quality equipment when purchasing.
In the actual use process, if the temperature of the Raymond mill is too high, adjust the ventilation of the Raymond mill properly, and open the ventilation duct of the equipment, so that the indoor airflow and the outdoor airflow of the Raymond mill can run in convection, so as to avoid the Raymond mill. The temperature of the mill chamber is too high. In addition, the usual maintenance is also very important, so it is necessary to carry out regular maintenance on the Raymond mill to prolong the service life of the equipment.

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