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Factors affecting the price of shale mills


Shale has thin shale or thin layered joints, mixed with quartz, feldspar fragments and other chemical substances, including calcareous shale, iron shale, siliceous shale, carbonaceous shale, Several kinds of black shale. Shale ultra-fine grinding plays an important role in the processing of shale, and the effect of shale ultra-fine grinding is very good. However, because there are so many shale ultra-fine grinding manufacturers on the market, it also leads to shale ultra-fine grinding. The price of mills can be high or low. In this article, we mainly focus on the topic of shale ultra-fine mill prices. The price of shale ultra-fine grinding is affected by many factors, and the price of equipment will vary according to different influencing factors. Several important influencing factors are introduced below.

1. Model
There are many models of shale ultra-fine grinding, and the price of equipment of different models will also be different. Generally, the larger the model of the equipment purchased by the customer, the higher the price, because the large-scale equipment consumes If there are more raw materials, the corresponding cost will be higher, and the price will be higher than that of the small model equipment.
2. Manufacturer competition
The more intense the competition among shale ultra-fine grinding manufacturers, the higher the price of the equipment, because some small-scale manufacturers will reduce the price of equipment to attract customers in order to defeat competitors. In this way, the overall market The price of rock superfine grinding will be reduced.
3. Market demand
The amount of market demand has a very large impact on the price of equipment. When there is a shortage of supply, the price of equipment will be very high. Many manufacturers will take this opportunity to increase the price of equipment; on the contrary, when supply exceeds demand At that time, the price of the equipment will be lowered because the manufacturer has a certain amount of inventory. In order to sell these equipment as soon as possible, it is the way to reduce the price of the equipment.
4. Region
The price of equipment in different regions will be different, because in some regions, the consumption level is relatively high, and the equipment price set by the corresponding manufacturer is also high; otherwise, the price will be relatively low.

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