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Does the particle size of the stone feed to the mill affect the grinding of the mill?


When the mill is grinding materials, the feed size is too large or the feed size is too small, which will affect the output of the mill. So what exactly will be the impact? Shanghai Zhuoya Mining Machinery will take you to know about it, and hope it will be helpful to you in the process of using the mill. Zhuoya Miner is a manufacturer of crushers and pulverizers with rich production experience. If you have more questions about pulverizers, you can contact us. Zhuoya mining machine looks forward to cooperating with you.
Let’s first talk about the excessive particle size of the milling feed. Particle sizes that are too large can cause machine blockages, hindering production. In the ultra-fine grinding, the machine accessories generally include plum blossom frame, grinding roller, grinding ring, spatula, etc. When the large material enters the grinding chamber and the material handling capacity of the machine is certain, with the continuous input of material, it will cause The processing capacity of the machine cannot keep up with the output of the material, so these materials accumulate in the grinding chamber, causing the powder channel of the product to be blocked, resulting in serious production failure. If the feed particle size increases, the failure rate of the machine will increase, which is beyond doubt, because the force of large materials on the accessories of the mill will also increase, and among these accessories, there are three main parts that wear faster. Types: grinding roller sleeves, grinding rings and blades, because these accessories are in direct contact with the material, so their wear will exceed expectations, which will also reduce the service life of user accessories.
Then look at the impact of too small a feed particle size. It is not too good if it is directly fine powder, which will affect the output of processing. The finer the feed particle size, the smaller the grinding layer, and it is not easy to grind. Raymond Mill is a kind of milling equipment for suspension roller compaction and winnowing. The fineness processing range of this machine can be adjusted arbitrarily between 50-400 mesh, and it can be powdered once by feeding, and the fineness can be adjusted easily. The control of the feed particle size can break the large pieces into small pieces, and then break the small pieces into small particles below 3-5CM and enter the Raymond Mill to process the fine powder. The effect and output are good, too large will wear on the equipment It is more powerful, too fine grinding layer is small, which affects the output. Users and friends can control the particle size of their own raw materials according to this characteristic. The finer the feed particle size, the better. Inside the working chamber of Raymond Mill are grinding rollers, grinding rings, spatulas and plum blossom racks. Under the action of centrifugal force, the grinding rollers are suspended to crush the grinding rings to crush materials, and the lower spatulas continuously shovel the falling materials. Since the feeding process will not cause blockage, the feeding must be uniform. Then the blower and the analysis machine are selected by the action of the wind to reach the qualified products of fineness.
If the feed particle size of the mill material is too large, it is easy to cause the mill to block the material, and if it is too small, it will affect the milling efficiency. Therefore, when the milling equipment is in use, the feed particle size should be controlled at a reasonable size as much as possible, which is helpful to the output of your equipment.

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