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Do you know the internal structure of cement ball mill?


Cement ball mill is widely used in the industry, it is a kind of fine grinding equipment. It is mainly composed of main bearings, feed inlets, cylinders, motors, compartment plates and transmission devices, and each part plays an important role in the machine. Such as the cylinder, the material can be ground for a long time in the mill, and the fineness of the finished product is also high. Therefore, Zhuoya Miner takes you to understand the internal structure of the ball mill.
The cement ball mill is a center-driven, center-discharging, three-chamber ball mill. Let’s introduce its feeding port first. The inner wall of the feeding port is spiral to realize the function of forced feeding and to return the steel balls that occasionally enter the spiral cylinder. The journal width of the feed end cover is 20mm larger than that of the bearing bush to accommodate the deformation caused by thermal expansion and contraction of the rotary part. Then there is the cylinder. The cylinder of the ball mill is one of its main working parts. The material to be ground is impacted and ground by the grinding body in the cylinder to become fine powder. There are also main bearings. The important structures of the main bearings of various types of mills are basically the same, and they are all composed of bearing bushes, bearing housings, lubrication and cooling systems. We must pay full attention to the lubrication problem. Generally, concentrated circulation of thin oil is used for lubrication, and some small machines also use oil ring lubrication, oil ring drip lubrication or wool lubrication. There is also a cylinder liner to protect the cylinder from the direct impact and friction of the grinding body and the material; in addition, different forms of liners can be used to adjust the movement state of the grinding body in each chamber in the mill. There are many types of linings, such as flat 5, linings, beaded linings, ribbed linings and small corrugated linings and other shapes of linings. In addition, the partition board is used to separate the grinding body, which has the problem of controlling the flow rate of materials in the mill, and can also prevent large particles from fleeing to the end of the mill; the partition board is divided into two types: single-layer and multi-layer, double-layer The partition board is divided into several types: transitional type, lifting type and grading type. The last is the transmission device. The transmission device of the ball mill can be divided into two forms: edge drive and center drive, including main motor, auxiliary motor, reducer, transmission shaft, and large and small gears of edge drive. It is mainly used to help the ball mill to transfer conveniently and quickly during work.
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