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Discuss the future development trend of the conical mill


As we all know, is a common ball mill equipment on the market has a very wide range of applications, and the ball mill application market diversity, diverse types of equipment, mill equipment has many types, including cone ball mill is a common mill equipment, grinding the market can play the best condition, fully reflects the market advantage. In today’s highly developed high-tech guarantee, based on the traditional cone ball mill ball on the formation of a high-end trend.

Cone Mill is our technical staff according to the specific situation of China’s mining industry, the introduction of a new mill equipment, has a wider range of applications, as a kind of mill equipment, which can be widely used in mineral processing, building materials, chemical and other industries. In the current market, there are two ways of grinding: the dry type and wet type, our cone ball mill can be installed vertically, horizontally or inclined. At present, the domestic use of a ball mill maximum power of 23 kilowatts to 980 kilowatts / minute to hertz, but the common power of 7.5 kW. Selection of magnetic ball mill liners, because of its relatively low weight, can increase the effective volume of the cylinder, while reducing power consumption.
Cone Mill implement the principle of more crushing less grinding, reducing feed size, ball mills rely on centrifugal force and friction, so that the impact of ore, squeeze, cut, crushed and ground in a row, so as to achieve its grinding effect, we can increase cone ball mill the contact surface between the ore and equipment to enhance the effect of grinding, promote ore, reduce energy consumption, and therefore, it is the device of choice for many users.
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