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Different occasions using the appropriate method for the production of gravel


Sand production line is the main source of aggregate new city construction, construction industry, urban infrastructure construction and other development, we all know that sand production line has a lot of mining machinery together to complete, sand and gravel production methods, there are many different dry method such as a wet sand and sand. For the majority of users sand which method is better, where the focus Shanghai Joyal mining machinery and we talk about dry method and a wet sand sand.

Generally dry method and a wet sand sand has its own strengths and weaknesses, sand dry method yields high, but in the production process will produce a lot of dust pollution; a wet sand production as efficient as dry method sand, but a wet sand You can control dust pollution, less dust generated.
Users consider the dry method sand still wet when the legal sand requires a multifaceted consideration when the production scale of the production line is relatively small can be used dry method sand method, but users need to pay attention to on the dust using sprinklers and other measures to reduce dust . Effective governance is a dry dust priority SYSTEM sand production line.
For large-scale sand production users can use a wet sand approach because a large-scale dust control measures not only to achieve the effect is not ideal but consume relatively large. And for normal concrete, the dust content in the sand usually exceeded, Rinse to remove a portion of the surface of powder and coarse aggregate breading, in order to ensure quality, so large-scale production of aggregate required by the wet production line.

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