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Determine the conditions for the production efficiency of the mill


The speed of the master shaft of the milling machine determines its production efficiency level, lack of power, the transmission belt is too loose or serious wear and tear will cause the main shaft speed instability deceleration, thus reducing the production efficiency of the mill, increasing the mill running kinetic energy, Belt or replace new ones.

Blade, grinding roller, grinding ring and other major wear and tear wear parts of the same serious wear and tear will also affect the powder rate, then, we need to replace the wear parts. There is the mill air duct blockage, resulting in powder can not be normal transport, but also lead to the decline in the production of milling machine one of the reasons to solve the problem, need to stop the pipeline to clear the material, and re-boot. Milling machine outlet lock powder is not adjusted to the correct state, resulting in lax sealing, powder suction and other phenomena, will also cause the mill to reduce the amount of powder.
The quality of the material is different to determine the production efficiency of the mill factors, the material humidity, viscosity, hardness and other issues, therefore, before the production of good material to determine the nature of the problem, can effectively inhibit the mill productivity is low The

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