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Daily maintenance of common flour mills


The mill equipment generally includes Raymond mill, high-pressure suspension roller mill, high-pressure micro-powder mill, ultra-fine mill, European version mill, etc. Because the principles are roughly the same, the maintenance is basically the same.

Through our detailed explanation of equipment maintenance, we must develop good maintenance habits and maintain the mill at regular intervals to increase the life of the machine and create higher benefits for the enterprise.

First of all, the transmission part of the pulverizer mainly uses rolling bearings. The maintenance here is to insist on lubrication and timing to ensure the service life of the bearings.

For small mills, the feeding is basically done manually, so remember not to increase or decrease. Just like people eating, eating too much can support it. If you eat less, you will be hungry. Adding too much material will cause the mill to block the material, affect the normal operation, and reduce the output. Many customers often ask why the output of mills is low? This is the reason.

One thing that must be paid attention to is that the work of the pulverizer is close contact between the grinding roller and the grinding ring, and squeeze and grind to make powder. Because it is the contact between metal and metal, there should be no metal in the body, otherwise it will damage the grinding roller and the Ring and other parts. Why does the grinding roller break after just a few days of use? This is the reason, especially the screws cannot be dropped.

The grinding machine of JOYAL mining machine can adjust the fineness. The fineness of the finished product should be adjusted according to the size, hardness and moisture of the material. The analysis machine should be adjusted according to the size, hardness, and moisture of the material. Correspondingly, the fineness is improved, and the output will be reduced. When the rated requirements are not met, the fan speed can be adjusted.

Speaking of fan adjustment, we all know that it is to adjust the air volume of the fan of the mill, so where is it adjusted? There is an air volume control valve in the air intake pipe of the fan, which is usually opened to the maximum. The regulating valve in the exhaust pipe of the waste outlet should be adjusted slowly, and it should be adjusted until there is no dust spraying out of the feed inlet. Be sure to be mindful.

What is the replacement cycle of the grinding roller and grinding ring? In general, there are two sets of grinding rollers and one set of grinding rings. Because the hardness of the material to be ground is different, the operation time of the grinding machine is different, so the use and replacement of the grinding roller and the grinding ring must be based on the actual situation. Here is a suggestion, which is For the scrapping period of the grinding roller and the grinding ring, the remaining minimum wall thickness shall not be less than 10mm. When this limit is reached, the parts of the mill must be replaced.

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