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Crusher and sand making machine is a kind of equipment


Sand making machine and ore crusher are the key machinery and equipment that can not be lacked in ore processing. So what is the difference between sand making machine and crusher? How to distinguish the two types of ore processing machinery and equipment? Shanghai Joyal mining machinery simple and we talk about.

From the use of aspects, the sand making machine is suitable for quartz, iron ore, hydroelectric dam construction, concrete mixing station and other hard and brittle materials in the broken and fine broken; crusher for mining, cement, metallurgy, chemical , Construction, refractories and ceramics and other industrial fields.

The use of the order from the production line to open, the general use of jaw crusher to do the first stage of the crushing, sand making machine for the second stage of the crushing, that sand and gravel production line, the crusher will generally be used as coarse crushing equipment, Then sand making machine for finely crushed.

From the feed particle size and the size of the material point of view, the crusher feed and the size of the material out of ore crusher greater than the production of gravel aggregate to meet different needs.

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