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Construction waste mobile crushing station to help solve the pollution problems of urban construction waste pile


In recent years, people began to realize that construction waste is resource conservation, clean environment and the use of scientific beautify the city has significance. Also found that recycling construction waste crushing potential market prospects, have been carrying out construction waste resource recycling technology research and practical application, and achieved certain results.

As a professional waste disposal equipment manufacturers, mining machine for the construction of the ShangHai Zhuoya China Construction waste recycling resource exploration operations launched to provide technical support. At present, the company has proven results of construction waste resource utilization can be made of structural layers of road construction waste, wall materials, municipal facilities, urban construction for new green energy products.

Construction waste mobile crushing stand construction waste recycling solution purification technology, large-scale technology, environmental technology development of the three technologies, building waste disposal capacity and production of new building materials, at present, the quality of these new materials and hardness superior to other building products, has been widely used in various construction projects, the entire production process without any harmful gases, the basic realization of construction waste zero emissions, so that enterprises have achieved good economic and ecological benefits.

Today, the field of construction waste recycling our resources are becoming more common, some researchers have pointed out that construction waste body is a treasure, after the effective development, up to 95% of construction waste to obtain resource utilization. At present, China’s construction waste disposal and utilization, mainly for the production of recycled brick, green bricks. Green brick construction waste is a milestone in the use of construction waste resource utilization, such as post-earthquake reconstruction recycled brick also played an important role, because local materials, significant cost savings, ease of construction materials supply.

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