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Clay grinding The clay after grinding can be applied to various industries


Clay is a small sandy clay with good plasticity because it is not easy for water to pass through. Clay is generally formed by the weathering silicate minerals of the Earth’s surface. In general weathering in situ, the larger particles, whose composition is close to the original stone, is called primary clay. The composition of this clay is mainly silicon oxide and alumina, with fire, it is the preparation of porcelain clay one of the main raw materials. There are several industrial clay minerals, including kaolin, bentonite (mainly composed of montmorillonite), active clay (composition uncertainty) and so on.

Clay can be applied to various industries after treated by clay grinding machine.
1, clay can be used to make ceramics
2, clay can be used to make cement
When clay is added to limestone, it can be used to make cement.
3, industry, model making and art models.
Artists use clay to make models, and clay to create works of art directly.
4. Clays are used as ion exchangers for drinking water treatment and other chemical processes.
5, in the construction industry, clay ceramic particles as an isolation layer, to achieve soilless cultivation and utilization.
6, kaolin is not only the raw materials of porcelain, and can make the paper surface is particularly smooth, absorb ink.
7, clay can be used to seal the landfill in the paint industry and the pharmaceutical industry, the catalyst in the application.
Clay grinding machine is a more widely used milling equipment, if you have questions about the clay factory, or have procurement needs, please visit our factory.

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