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Can the superfine mill process harder materials?


Ultra-fine mills are widely used in the mining industry. There are many types. When using ultra-fine mills, we still have to pay attention to many details to avoid irreversible damage to it and increase our production costs.
Ultrafine mills have been widely used in the powder processing industry, and have a wide range of applications. They are not only suitable for the ore processing industry, but are also popular in other powder processing industries. And how hard is the hardness of the material that can be processed by the superfine mill? Can the harder material be used with an ultrafine mill?
There are many wearing parts in the ultra-fine grinding machine, such as grinding rollers, grinding rings and other accessories are all wearing parts. If the hardness of the processed material is relatively large, it will cause greater wear to these accessories and shorten the ultra-fine grinding The life of the powder machine will also increase the user’s use cost.
The superfine processing capacity of the ultrafine mill is recognized by the grinding industry, and it can process hundreds of materials, such as barite, calcite, limestone, etc., but the ultrafine grinding is used when the hardness of the material is not greater than 9.3 The powder machine is the most suitable.
For materials with greater hardness, we do not recommend using an ultra-fine mill for processing, because it will cause greater wear on the parts of the equipment and shorten the life of the ultra-fine mill

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