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Broken excellent river pebbles to choose a suitable crusher


We now promote energy conservation and environmental protection, mainly in the development of green industries an air raid from. Infrastructure projects are no exception, with the construction of infrastructure projects need to make effective improvements sand, natural sand wanton excavation has led to large-scale pollution, now, the State expressly provided, sand extraction is prohibited. This message is a big good news for mining machinery industry.

Factors of some areas, a variety of rock, sand and gravel, river gravel, pebbles and other minerals, through crushing and screening building made of sand, sand bench vacancies. So that the construction industry will not be affected. Today for you to explain matters river pebbles Sand. Because of river gravel crushing process of the biggest problems is the wear parts easy to wear, because the river gravel silicon content is very high. Therefore, as a raw material in river gravel stones factory project, it must be careful study of the crushing process. We recommend as much as possible the use of lamination equipment and multi-stage crushing program. Multi-stage lamination apparatus (mainly with broken jaw) to maximize the cost of wear parts reduces wear, while reducing the anti-sieved material to increase the production capacity of the production line. If the customer excellent grain type of product, while reducing production costs, then we can use the two laminated crusher (jaw crusher + fine broken jaw) and Crusher supporting technology program. This configuration can make the main work of crushing the head and two broken broken completed (broken pyramid), and finally carried by the back-breaking integer broken. This configuration process can greatly reduce the formation of anti-material after screening. If a proportion of the anti-material production line is too high, will make the final crusher crushing increase excessive repetitive work, also makes the corresponding loss of wear parts will be greatly increased. More on stone crushing sand Please pay attention to the problem “”

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