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Beneficiation ball mill method to deal with the material of uneven thickness


We all know that sand production line is a more complex manufacturing processes, the natural ore need to go through mining, crushing, step dressing, cleaning and transport, etc., this process involves a lot of mining equipment, such as jaw crusher, impact crusher , vibrating screen, sand washing machine, ball mill and other different effects of mining machinery and equipment. Here Shanghai Joyal we talk about mining machinery and mineral processing operations in the mill.

Ball mill is a key machine grinding the ore material again, for the mill for ore chunks of material can be ground to a very small particle size of the fines, the user is the most important out of the fineness of grinding ball mill grinding the ore. But many users complained that the ball mill ore particle size uneven thickness, this problem occurs because of what?
If a ball mill ore size too small, this is due to a very fine ball mill sludge surface area, resulting in increased surface activity, making it easier to work with a variety of agents, easy sorting, affecting the accuracy of the product.
If a ball mill ore material finished too thick, requiring users to use an effective collector, pulp increased inflation, creating large bubbles, to ensure the smooth operation of the machine.

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