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Attention must be paid to the operation of the ball mill operator


The importance of man-made factors before the ball mill is running, a good machine should also have qualified operators to produce properly, so skilled and qualified workers are necessary for the normal operation of the ball mill.
The ball mill is usually a continuous operation of the equipment, but the workers are not machines, with a period of time will be very tired, and long tired of work is also prone to accidents, so manufacturers usually arrange shift workers, or three or two classes, so This is a problem we have to pay attention to, that is, operational problems.

We have stressed that in the course of the operation of the ball mill must always be concerned about the operation of the machine, in order to avoid problems caused by damage to the machine, failed to detect and affect the normal production, and sometimes in the shift, some symptoms need to inform the next worker, Soft it may be a bigger problem, causing damage to the machine, affecting production.
In order to avoid this situation, the factory needs to develop a strict and reasonable operating system, when the machine put forward a special emphasis on the status of operation to inform the next one, the successor workers have to check the operation of the machine to determine the problem began to produce. If you find a question to inform the squad leader and other leaders, this will help solve the problem and divide the responsibilities of the workers.
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