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Artificial Sand replacing natural sand Inevitability


With economic development, the demand for new urban construction, improve infrastructure such as these require a lot of sand and gravel aggregate as a support, in order to control indiscriminate exploitation of natural sand to protect the ecological environment, the government is prohibited indiscriminate sand mining. Nowadays artificial sand is an important source of aggregate, the development of construction sand and gravel production line is very hot. Then the artificial sand can completely replace the natural sand? Advantage here and you a brief artificial sand mining machinery Shanghai Joyal what.
Guaranteed quality artificial gravel, artificial sand Natural sand can not be the same as quality control, some of the sand grain size can not meet the standards, natural sand this situation will lead to concrete cracked concrete situation. Artificial sand and gravel particle size may be well controlled by the artificial, artificial sand production process can be freely adjusted to control the particle size distribution can be well used in other industries.
Artificial sand and natural sand compared to artificial sand is more conducive to concrete, under the same conditions, with the preparation of concrete than sand natural river sand formulate concrete strength slightly. Artificial Sand gravel in calcium carbonate, prone to chemical reactions in the production, and the natural river sand silica to be more, can not respond, that is better able to improve the bonding of artificial sand concrete.
Before the technology is relatively backward, usually natural sand and gravel for the construction industry, sand and gravel production line is now gradually improving, Sand mining machinery and other environmental protection coupled with ease of use have contributed to strengthening these artificial sand gradually replace natural sand .

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