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Application of iron remover in potash feldspar powder production line


Potash feldspar grinding powder production line is a device that grinds potash feldspar ore into powder. It is more common in mining equipment. Equipping an iron separator in the entire production line has many benefits. It is not only for potash feldspar powder or Raymond mill, then the configuration is in addition to What are the benefits of ironware?

First of all, let’s take a look at the benefits of iron separators for potash feldspar powder. Potash feldspar powder is in high demand in the market and is widely used in ceramic blanks, glazes, electric porcelain and abrasive materials. It can also be used as potash fertilizer ingredients with good quality. It can also be used as a TV display glass bulb. However, the processing technology is different for different purposes, and the requirements for the fineness of the finished product are also different. The same is that the processing procedures are more troublesome. Users can customize and purchase various mills according to market sales. Powder equipment, such as Raymond mill, high-pressure micro-powder mill, three-ring micro-powder mill, three-ring micro-powder mill, etc. After the milling production line is purchased, the quality and fineness of potassium feldspar will be guaranteed. However, to grind high-quality finished products, due to the high iron content of potassium feldspar, iron removal and purification is still very important. This requires an iron remover to clear the iron powder in the powder, so that the quality of potassium feldspar can meet the requirements of users. Presumably everyone knows what the high-quality potassium feldspar powder is measured by, that is, the fineness, whiteness, and uniformity. Of course, the higher the fineness and whiteness, the better, and the high-quality sieving and uniform particle size are the top products. It can be seen that the iron separator absorbs impurities and plays an important role in the purification and quality of potassium feldspar.

In addition to improving the quality of potassium feldspar powder, the iron remover can also prolong the service life of milling facilities such as Raymond mills. Because of the high hardness of iron, the grinding rings and rollers are severely worn. The working environment of the Raymond machine itself is quite bad. In addition, the iron powder and other impurities enter the grinding chamber, which will increase the wear of Raymond grinding accessories. Rust stains corrode the bearings, the grinding roller does not rotate, and the larger particles of iron powder in the material will also cause the impeller feeder to jam during the transmission process, which will damage the equipment and affect the normal production process. The grinding production line is equipped with iron remover It is still necessary.
Finally, from the above, we can see the importance of the iron separator in the milling device. The price of the iron separator is not expensive, but it can bring a lot of convenience in the production to the user, why not do it? In addition to iron, other mineral impurities should also be paid attention to, so as not to bring disadvantages to the quality of the mill and the finished product.

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