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What application examples powder milling equipment ?


As we all know, with the continuous development of industry grinding, powder milling equipment played a key role in the grinding operation, the following equipment elaborated pulverizer application examples in different industries. Mill equipment used in the construction industry: mainly used in the construction industry mill equipment for a variety of paint, putty powder, Flying powder residue slag grinding fineness general requirements are not too high to meet the mill equipment general requirements, mill equipment using ultra-high-quality architectural coatings and processing, can be said that the role played in the construction industry, the construction industry is relatively huge slag grinding process is not the same quality, for use in the construction industry.

Mill equipment in the chemical industry: Many customers inquire in applications chemical industry mill equipment, such as ammonium phosphate processing section, zinc phosphate, zinc sulfate, etc., these chemical raw materials tend to be expensive milling machine selection more cautious, but in this industry, processing equipment, mill equipment is indispensable fineness, different chemical products, according to different requirements, choose a different mill equipment.
Application examples powder grinding equipment in metallurgy, plastics, PVC industry: powder milling equipment can be used for smelting industry, plastics industry, as well as PVC industry is grinding smelting additives for smelting industry, such as limestone desulfurization, in part of powder metallurgy equipment requirements, is the processing fineness, production, plastics, PVC industry, mill equipment mainly used for processing ore powder ore powder as these additives industry, such as plastic, PVC, slag plastic, PVC stretch strength in the industrial mill represents the application of corrosion-resistant properties.

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