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Analysis of the Causes of Too High Temperature in the Mill


What causes the temperature of the mill to be too high? Zhuoya Mining Machinery will take you to find out the reason. Today we take the Raymond Mill as an example to find out the reason why the temperature of the Raymond Mill is too high.
Raymond mill is a commonly used grinding equipment, which is suitable for grinding various non-flammable and explosive mineral materials with Mohs hardness below 9.3 and humidity below 6%. Sometimes the temperature of the Raymond mill will be too high during use. There are mainly two situations: the temperature in the cabin is too high and the temperature of the parts is too high. Many people do not know how to solve it.
1. Reason: heat generated by friction – measures: bearing sealing & lubrication
The working principle of the Raymond mill determines that a large amount of friction and pressure are inseparable from the milling process. I believe everyone can understand the principle of heat generated by friction. Therefore, the temperature inside the host of the Raymond mill is often relatively high, and the As time goes by, the longer the machine is used, the higher the temperature will be.
How to solve it: On the one hand, it is to ensure the sealing of the bearing, to avoid the entry of dust and impurities, resulting in increased friction; Increase the flexibility of each component and minimize unnecessary friction. In addition, the choice of lubricating grease is also very important. It is necessary to choose the brand suitable for the equipment and not to use it blindly. Bearings should also be cleaned regularly to keep them clean.
2. Reason: The fan heats up—measures: Avoid changing the fan equipment
Fan heating is also a common cause of Raymond mill overheating. Generally, the fan generates heat because the wind pressure is too high. Workers often accidentally touch the fan equipment during operation, which will change the wind pressure of the fan and cause the motor to heat up.
How to solve: Be careful during operation, do not change the fan equipment at will, and ensure the stability of its wind pressure.
3. Reason: The air is not circulating——Measure: Let the internal and external air convect
If the air inside the host of the Raymond mill does not circulate with the outside air, it will also cause the temperature inside the host to rise.
How to solve it: Open the ventilation duct, adjust the ventilation of the main machine, so that the airflow inside and outside the Raymond mill will convect, thereby reducing the temperature inside the main machine and avoiding excessive temperature.
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