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Analysis of energy consumption of dolomite mill


Will the output of the dolomite pulverizer decrease after a period of use? In recent days, customers have consulted on our website, saying that the output of the purchased dolomite pulverizer has declined after being used for a period of time, which is not as good as the original The output is high during operation. I don’t know what caused this. In fact, this is a normal phenomenon in the mining industry equipment. The mining equipment is a lossy equipment, and the materials processed are mostly harder ores.
In this case, the internal parts of the equipment will wear out for a long time. Usually, if the wear is more serious, it will affect the operation of the equipment, and the production capacity will naturally decrease. If the equipment has a reduced operating capacity, the solution is also It’s very simple. At this time, we need to shut down the equipment for maintenance, check the wearing parts with serious wear one by one, and repair or replace them according to the actual wear.
During the operation of the dolomite mill, each component plays an important role. The damage of each component may have a large or small impact on the equipment, so we should develop regular maintenance when using the equipment. It is habit to check the wear and fuel consumption of each component in time, and make corresponding solutions, so that the dolomite mill always maintains a good production capacity.

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