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After calcite grinder is used in those places, you know?


Calcite is a calcium carbonate mineral, which is a relatively common stone and has a wide range of divisions. There are many works of calcite, among which the main functions are to increase product volume, reduce cost, improve processing performance, improve dimensional stability, improve printing performance, and improve physical properties. It can be said that calcite is the upstream and raw material of most industrial manufacturing, covering almost all production and manufacturing sectors of light and heavy industries. Of course, calcite can be used as a filling additive in food, as a flux in the metallurgical industry, and can also be used in the production and processing of plastics, toothpaste, and glass. The crystal shapes of calcite are various, and their aggregates can be clusters of crystals, as well as granular, massive, fibrous, stalactite, earth-like and so on.

After calcite is processed and ground, it is widely used in the five application fields of papermaking, plastics, rubber, cables, paints and coatings. So how to grind calcite into powder? The Raymond mill, high-pressure suspension roller mill and three-ring ultra-fine mill of Shanghai Zhuoya Mining Machine can all realize the grinding of calcite. The calcite mill from Shanghai Zoya is not only of good quality, but also cost-effective. The calcite grinding is unmatched by other mills in terms of energy saving, and the consumable parts of the mill of Zoya have a long service life. The safety performance is also very high. The processing range of the calcite pulverizer is very wide. The calcite pulverizer has a dust collector equipment during the grinding process, and there will not be too much dust leakage, which can better serve the enterprise in production and processing. in a good production environment. The calcite grinding powder production line usually consists of jaw crusher, bucket elevator, electromagnetic vibrating feeder, main machine of pulverizer, analyzer, auxiliary machine, fan, centralized electric control and other equipment.

Coming to Shanghai Joyal, the mills here are all types and models, including high pressure mills, Raymond mills, vertical mills, ultra-fine mills and so on. Customers can apply to the company for on-site process design. Our sales staff will lead the technicians to the customer’s site to design the grinding production line according to the layout of the site, starting from the crushing of calcite, until the grinding of the finished product. The whole set of equipment is supplied.

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