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Adjustment of the grinding roller of the superfine pulverizer


The grinding roller is the main wearing part of the ultrafine mill, which has a great influence on the crushing equipment. The adjustment of the processing fineness of the ultra-fine mill is mainly realized by the grinding roller. The engineers of Zhuoya Mining Machine will explain in detail the relevant adjustment knowledge of the ultra-fine mill grinding roller for you.
Rolling giant refers to the small distance between the roller surfaces of two grinding rollers. By controlling the rolling giant, the particle size of the crushed material can be well controlled. The distance should be enlarged, which is formed when the ultra-fine mill is empty. When the grinding equipment is loaded, in order to achieve the grinding effect, the distance between the two rollers should be adjusted to the rolling distance, which is called closing.

The general ultra-fine mill requires that the operation of the loosening and closing and the feeding machine are linked. When there is material, the feeding mechanism is moved by the material sensor, the material door is opened, and the material enters between the two rollers and then closes. When the material is interrupted, the brake must be released first, and then the feeder should be stopped and the material gate closed. This not only prevents the two grinding rollers from colliding and generating sparks, causing dust explosions, but also avoids the surface of the toothed rollers. Wear.
Friction is unavoidable when the ultrafine mill is working. As time goes by, the grinding roller will gradually become thinner. If the wall thickness of the grinding roller is less than 10mm, the ultrafine grinding machine will automatically be scrapped. Under normal circumstances, if the use time of the grinding roller reaches 500 hours, it needs to be replaced in time, and the roller sleeve device must be cleaned in time. If it is not discovered in time and replaced in time, the grinding roller will be severely worn and become an irregular ellipse. At the same time, the noise and vibration of the machine will be increased, and the fineness of the finished material particles will also be very fine. The unevenness.
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