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900×1200 jaw crusher stone production line configuration problem


Due to the rapid development of the domestic construction sector, there is a large demand for stone materials. Usually, the processing materials including basalt, granite, river pebbles, limestone, and quartz sand in the stone production line become excellent building stones after processing. There are a lot of processing equipment for sand aggregates, common ore crushers and feeders, sand making machines, sand washing machines, vibrating screens, etc. Different gravel production lines need to configure different ore processing machinery and equipment. Mining machinery is here to talk about the 900×1200 jaw crusher stone production line.

The sand production line is the main production process for ore processing. The 900×1200 jaw crusher stone production line is one of the most common types of gravel production lines. Recently, Li Li ordered a 900×1200 jaw crusher and a cone crusher. A feeder, sand machine, round vibrating screen. Set up a production line with a 220-450t/h stone production line. Shanghai Zhuoya Mining Machinery is here to introduce the production line.

The coarse crushing is the initial processing link in the stone production line. Due to the large blockiness of the crushing stone, Zhuoya recommends that the 900×1200 jaw crusher be equipped with the specification and model, and its production processing range is 220-450t/h. The size is 900x1200mm, in line with the user’s production requirements; the fine crushing is the secondary crushing process in the production line, the secondary crushing process, we can choose the cone crusher more suitable, the cone crusher production efficiency is high, can be satisfied The production line needs.

The function of the circular vibrating screen in the production line is to enter the finely divided raw materials into the screening operation, pass the qualified materials into the sand making process, and unqualified stones are finely crushed again. The main function of the sand making machine is to use non-standard raw materials to shape the stone through shaping function. Zhuoya has a processing capacity range of 345-371t/h for users, which can be very good for sandstone production processing. .

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