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400 mesh carbon black mill selection


In industrial processing, carbon black generally needs to be processed to more than 400 mesh. How to choose a mill with more than 400 mesh? When the mill grinds the fineness of the material, usually 400-2000 meshes are called micropowder mill and fine mill ultrafine mill. We can choose Raymond mill or three-ring micropowder mill to process carbon black.

Some people may wonder what carbon black is. Carbon black is an industrial raw material, which is not less exposed in daily life, so it is normal for us not to know. Carbon black is a product of carbonaceous substances, such as coal, heavy oil, fuel oil, natural gas, etc., which are incompletely burned or thermally decomposed under the condition of insufficient air. Why is carbon black an industrial raw material? The processed carbon black can be used as a rubber reinforcing agent for the manufacture of automobile tires. It can also be used as a pigment, such as ink, paint, conductive agent for dry batteries, catalyst carrier, super hard alloy material. About 70% of the world’s carbon black is used in the manufacture of tires, 20% is used in other rubbers, and less than 10% is used in plastic additives, dyes, printing inks and other industries.

Speaking of which, we need to use carbon black processing mills, we can choose Raymond mills and three-ring micropowder mills. Let’s take a look at the Raymond mill and the three-ring micropowder mill used to process carbon black. The carbon black fineness that can be produced by Raymond mill is usually in the range of 80~400 mesh, and the powder in this range can be used in most industries that do not require high stone powder. The finished products processed by the ring roller micropowder mill are relatively finer, and the particle size of the finished products is between 3250-325 mesh, which can meet the processing needs of carbon black.

The production process of carbon black is to send the pre-treated carbon black to a carbon black mill for grinding and powder collection. According to the different fineness of the finished product, milling machines with different fineness of the finished product can be selected. The finished carbon black can be granulated or packaged directly. However, due to the black color of carbon black and serious pollution, it must be equipped with a pulse dust collector. And considering that the specific gravity of carbon black is small, especially the carbon black of fine powder is difficult to collect powder, and the output is low. In response to these problems, we need to optimize the complete set of equipment for the carbon black production line.

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